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Big Rocks A Marketing Cooperative provides a wide range of strategic marketing and promotion marketing services for the entertainment, financial services, and packaged goods industries, including:

Strategy & Planning

Brand Positioning

Identify the most salient features and benefits of your product or service to most effectively reach your target audience and differentiate your brand from the competition

Competitive Analysis

 Maximize marketplace intelligence to better understand your competitors and develop preemptive and/or responsive action

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Delve into business opportunities with a fact-based plan that analyzes your product or service and delivers strategies to achieve your objectives

Campaign Analysis

Analyze your marketing activity and budgets to refine future strategies, tactics and spending

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Promotion Planning

Concept Development

Deliver against objectives with custom promotion development from individual campaings to comprehensive integrate plans

Digital Ecosystems

Website, social media and email work in tandem to provide a consistent brand experience

Copy Writing/Design/Production

Leverage the vast network of the Cooperative for in-market success