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"Brett is energy unbundled and insight unmatched.  Add in her extensive experience, instant responsiveness, and wonderful personal skills, and you have the recipe for the perfect marketing partner."

Douglas M. Brown, Past President and CEO, Tuition Plan Consortium

“Brett McCarty is everything a client could ask for in a marketing professional—smart, talented, focused, strategic, energetic, reliable, accessible.  She’s a valued member of our management team and I seek her perspective on issues beyond marketing.  Her insights, assessments and quick wit are invaluable to me and the company.  She’s truly a Renaissance woman!”

Nancy Farmer, President and CEO, Private College 529 Plan

“In my twenty year working relationship with Brett in a variety of business organizations, she has been—at various times—an employee, a client, a colleague and a collaborator.  In every case, she has contributed significantly through a combination of talent, content expertise, leadership, energy and attitude.  I am continually impressed by her ability to ‘hit the ground running’ whatever the task at hand, and to consistently deliver beyond expectations.”

Sandra L. Stein, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer, Talbott Teas

“Brett is smart, eclectic, business oriented, a quick study, a great writer and a sensational thinker.  Add that to meeting her own aggressive deadlines and you have a treasure.”

Suzan Couch, President, CB Communication, Inc.

“Brett is the consummate marketer – strategic yet flexible – someone who gets the ‘big picture’ and works within your parameters, turning rough ideas into reality.”

Mark Greenberg, President, Epix

 “Brett’s keen marketing acuity makes her the ideal collaborator in translating vision into brands and product positioning that vividly communicate the essence of a business.”

Deborah Wright, Founder and CEO, Ventanis

“Since bringing Brett on to work on our program, the results have been truly remarkable.  She has exceeded expectations in literally every aspect of our marketing efforts, from developing an effective and cohesive strategy to ensuring that execution has been timely and flawless.”

Patrick Lulley, National Product Manager, TIAA-CREF

“From a creative person’s perspective Brett McCarty represents a rarity: a marketer who truly understands creative concepts. She understands why they work and more importantly, what comments or revisions will negatively impact their effectiveness. This along with her deep knowledge of audience, product, offer and competitive landscape makes Brett extremely effective in her role. Brett also possesses a warm and upbeat personality that is infectious to all who work alongside her. The highest compliment I can think to give anyone is the desire to work with them again and again and again. This is something I routinely state in regards to Brett McCarty.”

Chris Laughlin, Senior Creative Director, Merkle

“Brett's solid marketing and project management skills are essential assets to any business. Her abilities to adapt, provide guidance and support, and problem solve make her a joy to work with. Brett made my job easier. I would work with her again any day.”

Kristine Dooley, Senior Account Executive, Agency Services, purple@epsilon

“Brett is a one of the most thorough people I've worked with in years.  It’s a pleasure to know that there won't be loose ends lying around when she's involved.  She's willing and able to get in the trenches while keeping her eyes on the larger target and audience.  Besides being fun to work with and alongside, she's more than competent and an excellent communicator.”

Mike Scarlata, Manager, Web Development Technology & Operations, TIAA-CREF

“Brett's magic is her multifaceted approach.  Strong on strategy, cool with creativity and full of no-nonsense know-how, she brings power and panache to any partnership.”

Susan B O’Meara, Senior Creative Director, Wordsmith

“Brett is nothing short of incredible—always delivering the perfect blend of strategy, creativity and analytic thinking—and always mastering the delicate balance between the art and science of marketing.  She's innovative, resourceful, a great communicator and she brings an amazing energy to every assignment.  And to top it all off, she is fun to work with!”

Lisa Freeman Vice President Merkle

“Brett is incredibly sharp, intelligent and intuitive.  She has the ability to accurately synthesize information and develop spot-on objectives and strategies delivering measurable results.”

Tara Herman, Marketing Director, TIAA-CREF